Discover a safe and empowering space to embrace your submissive side with a stunning melanated Goddess. 

Indulge in lingam massages and captivating experiences. Create lasting connections with a dominatrix girlfriend. Introduce yourself and aim high to impress. Let's experience each other. 

Whether you seek a proper lingam massage or prefer your lingam locked away as your Goddess holds the key, this is the place for you.

Unleash your curiosity and venture into new experiences with someone new. In the presence of your powerful Goddess, every room becomes electrifying, and the knowledge that you have the privilege of entertaining her is an irresistible foreplay that will leave your mind melting.

Every submissive gentleman deserves a dominatrix girlfriend, and here we can enjoy each other's kinky company while forging beautiful and lasting connections. Take the first step by introducing yourself and making your intentions known.

Together, let's experience each other in ways that will leave an indelible mark on your journey of pleasure and submission.

“I’m not the rockstar’s girlfriend, I am THE rockstar girlfriend…I’m not the accessory to the rockstar, I’m the rockstar” - FKA Twigs (fellow Capricorn)

Combining sultriness and seductiveness, I offer a perfect mix of charm and wit. Open-mindedness is a fundamental aspect of my personality, especially when it comes to exploring the world of kink. Rest assured, discretion is of utmost importance to me.

I take pleasure in being the person others can truly be themselves around, creating a safe and comfortable space. Let's share that sentiment and embark on a remarkable journey together.

Whether we're traveling together or to each other, my passport is always at the ready. I believe in the power of creating a safe and sacred space for you to remove your armor and be your authentic self.

No drama and no complications—just unforgettable memories in the company of an intentional, intellectual, and divinely feminine Goddess. Allow me to be your delectable arm candy and let's lose ourselves in each other's presence.

Warning: I might just make you lose track of time as we get lost in moments of pure laughter and connection.

Oh, baby, I like that...

I enjoy being worshipped correctly & I expect you to set aside the proper time & accommodations to do so.

Safety, Discretion, and Consent: As a dominant, I prioritize safety, discretion, and consent above all else. Your well-being is of utmost importance during our interactions, and I guarantee a confidential and respectful environment.

Embark on a Profound Journey: If you yearn to be locked in chastity, to serve under my feet, or explore the depths of financial domination, I am here to guide you. As a Central FL-based dominatrix, I am open to various excursions that embody power and control. To streamline our discussions, I have provided a simple guide on how to arrange a real-time rendezvous with Goddess Poly Pocket. Together, we will create an experience that surpasses your darkest fantasies.

Submission Protocol: I only desire the most brilliant and submissive individuals. Endless emails are not my preference. Let's get straight to the point within a message or two, confirm a date, and submit your deposit. Remember, my time is valuable, and we must use it wisely.

Respectful Communication: Approach me with kindness and the utmost respect. Refrain from referring to me as "Mistress" or "ma'am." You shall address me as "Goddess." Clear? Excellent. Proceed.

Unleash Your Devotion: Prepare yourself for an immersive BDSM experience that goes beyond a quick encounter. I revel in the full spectrum of BDSM pleasures. Allocate at least 3 hours of your time for Goddess Poly. Submit your completed application once you have your affairs in order. After confirming the details of our encounter, you will receive a link to pay a 20% deposit to secure my time (not applicable to cash meets).

For Fly Me To You (FMTY) packages, a minimum of 4 hours is required. Rest assured, I will handle my own travel arrangements after receiving the deposit. Please note that FMTY package prices are base rates and may increase with additional nights.

Your competency exhilarates me. Prove your dedication and worthiness to serve your Goddess. Together, we will embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary!


I don't ask for any respect I cannot extend so please be aware that I hold myself to the following standards & expect you to do the same with me.

Privacy I may not be a medical professional but I value our privacy, both yours & mine, just like HIPAA. No recording during our session is allowed.

Verification is necessary to ensure my safety isn't compromised. You will be required to submit a copy of your government-issued ID as well as work verification or LinkedIn profile.

Consideration I require a 20% deposit to secure your session. The remainder of your session is cash paid in full on arrival to the session in an envelope or gift bag on a table. You will allow me 5 minutes of privacy after our cordials to be alone with the donation before proceeding with our session.

Time is of the essence. Please let me know if you are running late and your ETA so I know when to expect you. We both live busy lives and there are fewer things I find more disrespectful than wasting my time.

Hygeine refrain from killing the vibe with long & unfiled finger nails, body odor, STIs, open wounds/skin infections, bad breath, unwashed genitals, warts (please inform me if you have a wart) or strong colognes/perfumes. Shower upon arrival.

Boundaries No means no. As long as you respect being in the presence of a Goddess & my sacred temple, I will offer the same respect to you.

Cancellation If you must cancel within 7 days of booking but not before 48 hrs of session you will not be charged for session. Cancelling after the aforementioned time period will result in a full payment of your session. On the rare occasion that I must cancel, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

Tips & Gifts are never expected, yet always appreciated. You may gift or tip me here.

I reserve the right to terminate our session without refund if you fail to respect the aforementioned. If any of the above will be an issue for you, refrain from applying.

Ready for our hot date?

Choose between a tantric or dominatrix experience & book a date! Once we've created a connection & enjoy each other's time, monthly & semi-exclusive arrangements can be discussed.

I love asking post session how you enjoyed our experience. It only helps me improve on our connection for our next meeting while understanding how to do what I  love to do better!  You may not find much of me on review forums (a colleague so eloquently expressed & shared my sentiments as to why) however, below is what a few who have shared energy with me have said.

See you soon!

P. S. - more photos on my LoyalFans + DM there for some naughtier flicks!

"Relit a flame I forgot I had"

Being with you really is a breath of fresh air. I feel that I can talk to you about anything and I don't even feel that at home. Our connection helps me understand how to connect with myself better. You help put things into a different perspective. I honestly cherish our conversations more than anything.

"Guided by a Goddess"

I had been wanting to try tantric massage for awhile and finally the Universe sent the healing Goddess that is Poly Pocket. Of course I knew she was stunning already but her presence and aura was magnetic and comforting. You cannot help but to feel both intimidated by her power and safe enough to let your guard down and accept your tantric massage. Going for a bite to eat prior helped me loosen up my nerves (as it was my 1st massage). Poly is actually quite a comedienne and conversationalist and the energy felt authentic. The massage and masseuse gets a 10/10 for me!

"Warm, Inviting, Yet Seductively Charming"

Everything you'd want in a lover. A true fantasy of a woman. She's heard me tell her "this has been the best weekend  of my life" at least twice now (and more to come). A fun and witty plus one. I enjoy our dynamic and her amazing body.

"Goddess Poly Pocket is the reason I lost 30lbs and reached my goal weight of 215."

Thank you Goddess for your wisdom, energy, strength, beauty, power, melanin, compassion. You allowed me to serve you with my paycheck and give you tithes and offerings you rightfully deserve. Through all this, you have also trained me to be a better person and choose to be accountable for my actions and health! Thank you for being my Goddess of accountability in staying active so I may stay healthy. I will always be grateful for you. Love, Sub222

"What you see won't prepare you for what you a good way!"

Maybe I should have listened to the podcast 1st like she said haha! Poly Pocket is definitely a spitfire! Her body is bananas and that look she makes I had to book a damn date! She's a spicy sweetheart. 3 hours really felt like 30 minutes. It's easy just getting lost in her.

Can't serve in person? You can still be of use!

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