Thanks for tuning in to my naughty lil podcast. I'm the nasty nymph you've only dreamt about. The Goddess you'd give your last to make smile. The Dominatrix Simp Collector that will make your head do a complete 360. The one your mother's worst nightmares couldn't conjure up. You know, just another seductively sadistic Capricorn Jamaican Goddess with a power kink. If you haven’t checked me out yet, don’t be shy…Season 2 is full of erotica written & based on real life events of yours truly & I'd love to get to know you (especially my piggies & good bois)!


I started expressing my sensual side out loud after high school through my blog under my previous pseudonym, Supastarrr. As writing has always been a passion of mine, I got turned on to writing erotica & just having open conversations surrounding sex. Although I shelved it for awhile, as I've evolved, my outlets for expressing my sexuality through art has also. Since 2018, this expression has included: 

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